Where It All Began

Fifteen years ago, I began to sketch the images that flooded my mind. My notebooks were a mess with doodles. My sketchbooks full of poorly drawn people. But there were two drawings that stuck out to me.

img_0056I was thirteen years old, laying on the floor of my bedroom, listening Evanescence on repeat.  My feet were propped up on my bed, with one arm reaching up towards the ceiling fan. The other lying on my stomach. It was the middle of the night, but my mind wouldn’t stop racing.

The images flashed across my mind incoherently, as they had for days. Sleep had eluded me for too long. So, I made a decision. I would draw what I saw in my mind. I wasn’t a very good artist, and to this day, I still can’t draw. But I drew them. I drew the two angels that I kept picturing in my mind.

One guarded the door to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. While the other guarded the entrance to the Garden of Eden. I don’t know why these two kept appearing in my dreams, but they never left. Each standing strong with wings behind their backs and swords at their side.

I would work on the drawings at homes, and at school. I should have been working on cropped-pen-macro-hd-wallpapermy homework or paying attention in class, but I couldn’t. My mind wouldn’t leave those two behind. So I made another decision, I would write the story I kept seeing through the window in my mind’s eye.

In between note-taking and homework, I started to write. At first, everything was handwritten, and nothing made sense. But eventually, the chaos in my head began to turn into a story. The setting, the characters, they all reflected my life in a private Baptist high school, but it also incorporated supernatural themes. My angels made an appearance as well.

There were days when I wondered why I was taking my free time to do this. It seemed like a waste of time. But then my classmates began to read what I had written. One, in particular, caught my attention. He read my stories and continued to ask for more. His want to read my work encouraged me to continue writing. Eventually, I had to begin typing my stories instead of handwriting them.

img_0221.jpgTo this day, I am eternally grateful to him for his encouragement. None of us knew back then that I would begin to write books. We were just in high school, goofing off. Because of him, my first novella Angels: Moon and Sun was born. And without that, Dead Dreamer never would have come to be.

Maybe it’s time to introduce the world to my first short novella. But fair warning: I wrote this story while attending a private Baptist school. I was young. I might post bit by bit, but update the writing style quite a bit.

Chapters of Angels: Moon and Sun will be released every other Saturday, starting on April 21, 2018 [excluding the first Saturday of every month. The Child Dreamer will still be released on those days].

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