Pre-Order To Fly the Raven Available Now

The final installment in the Dead Dreamer series

Although TO FLY THE RAVEN is still in the Line Edits phase, it is available for preorder! Click the links below to reserve your copy today!

Kindle – Amazon
Nook – Barnes & Noble
Paperback – The Parliament House

The final installment to the Dead Dreamer series.

Bridget and Ashley are dead.
The Gatekeepers are in shambles.
No one is safe as the soul controls the body.

Trapped inside herself, Brenna must face her past while watching Maura lay waste to all those in her path. But even Maura cannot ignore a deal once it’s been struck. Both Brenna and Maura will need to come to terms with what is to come and prepare for the final battle.

The fate of the Fade will be decided.
All questions will be answered.
The dead will save the living.
And a contract must be fulfilled.

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