That Orange Banner

Yesterday, my book achieved something I never thought was humanly possible.

Best selling

Amazingly, my book hit the Amazon best seller list in three separate categories AND was under the Top 500 books in the Kindle Store!

Best Seller

Chances of this happening again are slim, so I felt the need to write a quick post and show the world what my book has achieved. I am still in relative shock and honestly can’t believe it. I hope those who have purchased my book enjoy it and I’m so thankful they are willing to give ti a chance, especially coming from an unknown writer like myself.

Sale ends Sunday, August 30, 2020, so be sure to grab your copy before it ends! 

And don’t forget! TO REAP THE SPIRIT (Dead Dreamer Book Three) releases this October! Once I have pre-order links I will post them everywhere! I can’t wait to continue this journey with you into the world of Dead Dreamer.

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