Dead Dreamer Series – Seeking New Home

The Dead Dreamer Series New Home Needed

It’s been a long time since I’ve last written a blog post, but a lot has happened in only a year.

I changed jobs within my corporation.

Published the final installment in the Dead Dreamer series.

I sold my townhouse in NOVA.

Bought a house in my hometown and moved.

I was promoted at work, prompting additional work to my plate.

My nephew was born.

Spent the last 6 months with random home improvement projects, one small piece at a time.

And in all that time, I wrote a little on a standalone project that would be completely separate from the Dead Dreamer lore. I’ll admit, I wasn’t able to write as much as I would have liked to due to all of these things happening, but any progress is good progress.

And recently I found out my publisher, the Parliament House Press has undergone a change in ownership, which means the new owner has decided to drop various books from their catalogue. Now, when this was announced, I was not surprised. I’d been seeing the signs (though too busy to react to it or feel anything regarding it), and knew they’d reduce the catalogue because for a small publisher, it was way too big to handle, especially with new ownership.

Some of the signs I’d noticed:

  • New Covers which were promised in Summer of 2022 were never delivered
  • Audiobooks were never delivered (except for TDITD)
  • Radio Silence on communication

So I waited and eventually received the email that my Dead Dreamer series would be dropped. It was sad to read, but it felt like the time was right. I’m ready for a change. Though I appreciate Parliament House Press for working with me to get my work out there, I understand this happens. It’s a business – totally get it.

My book series is also a difficult one to market, I definitely know that. Whenever you search for “Paranormal” books, it’s almost ALWAYS partnered with the word “romance.” A word I hate and a genre I don’t write.

Brenna Whit is a smart-alec character with a salty perspective on everything and she’s ace (technical demi-sexual), but it’s not openly discussed. She is a mirror of myself. I took my experiences living in a haunted home and gave the spirits names and personalities. I gave myself the history I thought I would have if I had ever become a Dead Dreamer myself.

Nephesburg College is based off the University of Lynchburg because it mirrored where I went to college/grad school – of course without the Gatekeepers and such…that we know of… But I chose to reflect that part of my life because those were some of the best years for me. Though I’m sure Brenna would not agree from her perspective…

Needless to say, the Dead Dreamer series is my first book baby. The entire series. And [SPOILER ALERT] I still find it SUPER ironic I wrote about a mysterious illness ravishing the campus of Nephesburg College in 2011 and that book published in 2020…Just SHEER irony.

I hope to find a new home for the series and I appreciate the support everyone has continued to send me over the years in this long and difficult journey.

Wish me luck!

The Dead Dreamer Series

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