Release Day – TO WAKE THE DEAD


Today is the day! 

TO WAKE THE DEAD (Dead Dreamer Book Two) is officially released and available for purchase!

Considering the fact that TO DREAM IS TO DIE (Dead Dreamer Book One) released earlier in January, it has been one hell of a year.

Deadlines had to be met. Nights went without sleep. Stress created dark circles and gray hair. My depression really tugged at me, but I fought through it all to bring you my second novel.

And it was all worth it.


Brenna Whit first entered Nephesburg College with full intentions of putting her past behind her and starting fresh! But she can’t bind her blunt, sarcastic nature which puts people off. Not to mention her nightly escapades as a spirit within the Fade.

Despite her failures, she aims to have a normal college experience. At least, she was until she discovered the Gatekeepers: an ancient order hidden beneath the grounds of Nephesburg College, determined to disturb the Fade and everything within it.

Unable to stop herself, Brenna risk life and death to stop them from destroying what they don’t understand. Only she will stop them and she must act fast, before her own soul destroys her…



This series is something I’ve been working on for over ten years. It’s been a long journey to get here. There has been so many sleepless nights dedicated to extensive research into Celtic mythology, mental illness, the world of the paranormal and Wicca culture.

Combining all of that with my own experience with ghosts and the paranormal, I was able to create this complex world full of dichotomy and realistic character interactions.


Thank you so much for taking the time to check out the Dead Dreamer series.


It’s time to go to class…


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