Northern Ireland – Giant’s Causeway

The day we went to Giant’s Causeway was a LONG day because it includes our stops at many of the Game of Thrones filming locations. So, to keep it simple, I’m splitting this day into two separate posts.

July 16, 2018
Giant’s Causeway

We woke up early for Giant’s Causeway because not only our host, Gerry mentioned this, but so did the employees at the Carrickfergus shop. The best time to arrive at Giant’s Causeway is before the tourist center opens, which is 8am. All of them had told us there was no reason to pay to go into the center, but the employees would push us into the center anyway. In other words, by arriving early, we skipped it entirely and simply walked to the site.

Now, everything we had seen so far was beautiful and unique. Many sites had already left me breathless. But this was something else. I spoke very little while we were there. To the point, my friends were a little concerned about me. But, I had nothing to say. It was as though my mind was trying to fully comprehend what I was seeing.

Not only that, because we arrived so early, there were very few tourists, which meant we could truly take in the scenery without the chaos that was usually there.

It was breathtaking. And a place I would recommend you go and see for yourself. We climbed over the rocks to get the best views and see as much as we could. My mind was racing with ideas and plot points for not only Dead Dreamer, but my next series. I won’t reveal the conclusions I came to, but needless to say, the stop here was worth it.

It also gave me time to reflect. Reflect on my life, on my writing, and everything in between. The problems that were waiting for me back home seemed unimportant. What mattered at that moment was living for the now. Living in the moment. Living in the beauty that was around me.

All that mattered was to take in what I was seeing, and allowing my imagination to do what it naturally did: dream. Dream of a different life, the dream of a fictional world, not only for me but for my characters as well.

I was sad when it was time to leave, but we had a lot to do that day. We were on a mission to find as many Game of Thrones film locations as we could.

Which is for another day…

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