Columbus Day – 2018

Instead of going into what Columbus day is all about [I think we all know], I’m going to show what other states celebrate for this day:

Hawaii celebrates Discoverer’s Day, which commemorates the Polynesian discoverers of Hawaii on the same date, the second Monday of October,[24][25] though the name change has not ended protest related to the observance of Columbus’s discovery.[26] The state government does not treat either Columbus Day or Discoverer’s Day as a legal holiday;[27] state, city and county government offices and schools are open for business.

Similarly, in 2016, Vermont started celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day instead of Columbus Day. Because this change was made by Governor Peter Shumlin’s executive proclamation, it only applies for 2016. In the future it would have to be issued by the sitting governor on a yearly basis, or officially changed by the legislature in order to become permanent.[28] 

On the other hand, South Dakota celebrates the day as an official state holiday known as Native American Day.[29] 

Until 2017, Oregon did not recognize Columbus Day, either as a holiday or as a commemoration; schools and public offices remained open.[30] However, on Columbus Day, 2017, Oregon Governor Kate Brown renamed the holiday “Indigenous Peoples’ Day,” to remember these cultures and commemorate the struggles of native peoples during European colonization.[31] 

Two additional states, Iowa and Nevada, do not celebrate it as an official holiday, but the states’ respective governors are “authorized and requested” by statute to proclaim the day each year.[32]”


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