Symbolism of the Raven

img_0027Ravens have a strong presence in the Dead Dreamer series.  The website alone should have been proof enough for that.  Not to mention my journal full of notes for the series is covered in sketches/doodles of ravens (Not very good ones…).

It’s not because they’re my favorite animal.  Wolves are what I have a special connection with.  But the raven is connected to the wolf.  And both have strong connections to the main character of Dead Dreamer, Brenna.

Like Brenna, the wolf is protective of it’s pack and can be fierce when necessary.


However, the raven is usually a symbol for the battlefield and death.  Brenna is also the embodiment of the raven in mythology.  She’s constantly battling herself and other, all while trying to survive college.  Because her spirit visits the Fade every time she falls asleep, there are moments when it’s difficult for her to connect with the living.  She handles it with dark humor and so do her friends (-insert zombie joke here-).

However, unlike other supernatural books that deal with spirits, Dead Dreamer is not focused on the spirits who wander within the Fade.  Though Brenna is a constant visitor to the Fade, she’s focused on the bigger picture.  The disruption with the doorways within the Fade, keeping her afterlife a secret, keeping her friends safe, etc.  Her focus is on death AND life.

img_4087Between worrying about college classes, drama on campus, and the nights in the Fade, she has a lot on her plate.  More than your average college student.  But she is strong.  Stronger than most.  The raven carries her through death, while the wolf carries her through life.  Both working together to keep her strong so she won’t fail.  So she won’t fall to herself or others.  Because if she were to fall, then the Fade would crack and chaos would reign.

Her soul cannot rest until balance is restored. 


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