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Recently, I have been working on the sequels to To Dream is to Die.  My research has been expanding greatly in the last two months, research I haven’t necessarily done much with since I left graduate school.  Ranging from Celtic lore, to Christian mythology.

I went to a Baptist high school, so I’m sure if any of them read that I had just written “Christian mythology,” they’d be quite upset/concerned.  Not to worry, I still have my faith, but it is probably unconventional compared to most.  I’ve poured hours into research books focusing on the Apocrypha, the Book of Judas, and studies on Revelations.

Whereas to the other side of the spectrum, I’ve also read about Wiccan culture, and some Celtic Wicca.  I know I’m not a wicca.  Nor will I ever claim to be. However, I do admit that I own a tarot card set.  Originally I bought them because they were drawn and created by Maggie Steifvater.  Their beautiful and unique.  Interestingly enough, I’ve been using them quite a bit as well.

Whenever I went to church, I was told to constantly pray, and God would one day respond.  It’s very possible He has.  But I’m beginning to learn that I am oblivious when it comes to signs and messages.  Like with people, I need a straight answer and truth.  Small signs, or cryptic messages pass by the wayside and I won’t notice them until too late, usually.

But I had the strangest feeling whenever I used the cards.  Though they give me cryptic answers, still, it’s more in my face.  I’m sure there are those who will tell me, the answers I’m getting aren’t from God, or are something sinister.  If anything, they’re only giving me courage and warnings.

Through all my reading and note taking, there is one thing I have learned.  No one can know how the world will end, no matter how much they read and try to decipher the Bible.  No one can know everything about the afterlife and what happens to our souls.  What’s in the in-between.  Or even how some things happen on our own mortal plain.  All we can do is create theories.  And with those theories, some of us can create worlds of our own, interpreting the laws of nature as best we can.  Whether its in search of the truth, or just to create an escape from reality.

Why do any of us read fiction or search for the truth in books from the past?  I do it to escape and strengthen my own world.  For now, it’s the best way to survive.   What about you?3b6a6bb773e24bcd6945797107f4193a.jpg

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