#WriteMentor 2019


As if I wasn’t already stressed enough with what is on my plate, I’m adding something else! Hurray!

This year I am participating in the #WriteMentor program after some persuasion from a few of my writer sisters [you know who you are…]. Because of how busy this year is I will be working on the submission package/partial for those who work with me.



18424081_10154368730652187_7575329451828670509_nA native of Richmond, Virginia, Sarah Lampkin is a 2015 graduate from Lynchburg College [University of Lynchburg] with a master’s degree in English. Since graduation, Sarah now lives in Northern Virginia working in the IT field as a Technical Writer while continuing her research for her graduate school thesis. When she isn’t working, Sarah continues her Celtic mythology research and Gaelic studies, while working on the Dead Dreamer series.

To make sure she can make the most out of her day, she wakes up at 3:45am every morning to work on her fitness, so in the evening she has time to continue writing. Her passion for writing has been around since high school where she wrote her first short story. It continued as she worked towards her bachelor’s degree, and that is where the Dead Dreamer series began.

Her work mainly focuses on Celtic themes, mixed with elements from the spiritual world. And her characters always have a flair of attitude and sarcasm because writing damsels in distress is something she just can’t do.


Sarah is on the hunt for Older/Upper YA/NA novels that will make me think or be too scared to turn the lights off. Send me your Dark Fantasy, Romance, Contemporary, and Horror stories. Their favorite tropes include:

  • Lovecraftian Monsters
  • Medievalism
  • Paranormal of any kind
  • Strong Main Characters
  • Role Reversal

She is interested in novels where she can completely forget the world around her and become entranced. She craves characters who can stand on their own and is not a fan of the damsel in distress trope.

She is open to work that is outside of her main tropes, always willing to try something different. Make her fall in love with your unique idea. Make sure your protagonists and antagonists have clear motivations. They can be skeptic at first, as long as in the end, you know what everyone is fighting for.


Sarah is looking for a mentee who loves to laugh and use sarcasm. Who knows the importance of a deadline and the love of a story. Writing can be tough when it comes to any kind of criticism, but always remember: we’ll be a team, working to make your work even better!

Want to know more?

I can be found on Twitter all the time – Feel free to DM me!

Thank you for considering me as your mentor! Can’t wait to hear from you!

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