Ireland – Doolin

July 18, 2018

I forgot to mention this before, but towards the end of the day on the 19th, my friends want to go to a pub in Doolin for dinner because they advertised live music in the bar. We weren’t sure what to expect. But when we left our hostel that evening to walk to the pub, we realized we should have left sooner. It was packed! All of the locals were excited to hear the music as well.

BTW, the hostel was surprisingly comfortable for my first hostel! Because there were 4 of us, we were able to get a private bathroom, which made things much more comfortable.

Between the Guinness beer and Bulmers Cider and delicious food [with the garlic mayo, of course], we were comfortable and getting excited for the live music. After sending one of us to ask the bartender when and where it would begin, we walked into the main area to see a few men setting up their equipment while drinking their beer.

It was the most “Irish” thing I had ever seen, and I loved it. The men drank and they played their music so well. It was great! I will admit, the amount of people surrounding the music was beginning to mess with my anxiety. I felt enclosed and extremely ready to leave after only  listening for a few minutes. Thankfully, my friends felt the same. But it was worth staying for a few to listen and watch.

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