Ireland – The Dingle Peninsula

July 19 – 20, 2018
The Dingle Peninsula & Castlemaine

The 19th was mainly a travel and beach day. We enjoyed walking along the beach and searching for sea glass for quite a long time before heading to the diner for some food. Let me just say, I’m in love with garlic mayo. I wish that was a regular thing here at home…but it’s probably a good thing that it isn’t.

The 20th is where things were interesting. We traveled to the Dingle Peninsula and I must say that was the wettest yet most interesting day. It was the day we learned about Fungie, the Dingle Dolphin, the day we found an amazing little bookstore I never wanted to leave, and it was also the day we drove around the peninsula.

We also found the famous Murphy’s Ice Cream [which had a few shops in the small town]. IT WAS DELICIOUS! I would highly recommend checking it out [along with the bookstore, of course ^_^]

Driving around during that cloudy, rainy day had so many amazing sights. Besides the beehive looking buildings, we passed a few different monuments, and even where they filmed some of Star Wars. What made the day come to a halt…was a flat tire. Yup. We got a flat tire while driving around the peninsula. But for me, it was the perfect place to stop.

My entire purpose for this trip was not just to travel and learn, but to research. I needed to understand the geography, and learn more about the Irish lands. Standing by the car [in the rain], I happened to notice these standing stones. It was barely noticeable in the thick fog, but the moment I saw them, I had to run over and get a closer look.

While the rest stayed with the car, waiting for our tow, I ran over to the stones to get as many photos as I could. I wanted to remember this place, everything about it. From the fog hovering to the rain drizzling into my hair. Everything about the location felt hauntingly beautiful.

I was actually appreciative that none of my friends wanted to run over in the mud with me to see it. It allowed me the moment I need to gather my thoughts, and remember what I needed for my research. And one day, I’ve determined that I would return to Dingle. I have to return.

The best part of the evening was finishing at a folk music show.


We arrived slightly early and joined a long line of tourists waiting to get into a small church that was hosting a Folk Concert.

I’ll admit, after such a long day, I was so tired that my eyes kept drooping during their show. I wanted to fall asleep to the music. But that didn’t mean I didn’t love it.

The music sent my mind into the dark – to where my characters lived in a world all on their own. Every time I closed my eyes, I pictured the fairies as they danced or the demons as they played their pranks. To the Land of the Dead where Brenna causes her mischief.

I was so entranced by the music that I made sure to purchase a CD before we left. This wasn’t something I could just find on Spotify or Pandora. I had to have this music, which meant I had to have the CD. I did, eventually, give the CD to my dad, but not before I downloaded it to iTunes. Something about the Celtic sounds resonates with me, always taking me somewhere else. And to this day, I’ll listen to it, allowing the music to take me away like no other music can.

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