Ireland – The Portal Tomb

July 18, 2018
The Portal Tomb & The Burrens

The Burrens and the Portal Tomb were pretty interesting. Although there were a lot of tourists [other than us], it felt extremely freeing to stand on the Burrens and feel the wind brush my cheeks. I was the most excited to see the Portal Tomb, which meant I ran ahead of the others as they were walking too slow for me.

I honestly can’t explain what I felt when I stood before the Portal Tomb. Sure, it’s now a tourist attraction, but something about it felt very mysterious. The breeze was strong that day, blowing my hair back as I stared at the stones. While everyone else was taking photos, I kept hoping the rocks, getting as close as I could, without crossing the ropes.

Once the others in my group had caught up, I simply stood and tuned out the world around me. There was no one else there except me. Because of my anxiety, I usually have the opposite problem where my  mind will become saturated with all of the voices around me. But this time I could tune them out. It felt nice. It felt peaceful.

I miss the Irish breeze that brushed against my cheeks and flowed through my hair.

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