Ireland – Cliffs of Moher

July 18, 2018
The Cliffs of Moher

When you go to Ireland, you have to visit the cliffs. That’s a must. At least, for me it was. When we arrived, there were tour buses everywhere, making the drive a tad treacherous. But thankfully, those bus drivers know what they’re doing.

This time we couldn’t get out of paying for parking. But we paid, and made the minor hike to the cliffs. Walking along the edge of the cliffs felt freeing. There were warning signs, telling us to walk at our own risk as we were no longer on a “safe” path. People were sitting extremely close to the edge with their selfie sticks, and daring a friend to inch closer to the edge. Needless to say, my instincts knew not to tempt fate. For fate was not always kind.

But we walked further along, I ahead of the rest at first, as I was not afraid of the path. There was still plenty of room to walk. But I felt my instincts kick in. My feet sped up along the path, forgetting everything around me, only wanting to be alone to take in the magnificence of the cliffs [Alone from the crowd, not my friends].

We walked along the other side as well, to view the small tower and to get a better view of the cliffs themselves. Unfortunately, by this point, the muscle tear in my back was beginning to flair up and walking was beginning to become painful. Regardless, I still tried to enjoy the view and take in everything.

I was, however, thankful when we could climb back into the car for our next adventure.

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