Northern Ireland – Game of Thrones Locations

July 16, 2018
Game of Thrones Film Locations

This was probably the longest Monday of my entire life but in a good way. After we had finished taking pictures and exploring Giant’s Causeway, we made our way back to the car. Fun story though. Apparently, it was possible the tourist center would charge us per person in the car when we left. So, in order to avoid everyone being charged, three of us walked over to a small cafe at the end of the driveway, while the other went to get the car. We lucked out in that they never stopped her anyway, but better to be safe than sorry [Someone from Carrickfergus had actually told us to do this to avoid paying too much if we were stopped].

Once we had all packed into the car, the real road trip began. It was time to track down as many Game of Throne film locations as we could find in one day.  Our first stop?

The Iron Islands; Dragonstone
In other words: Ballintoy

Not only was it cool to walk where the cast and crew for Game of Thrones walked, but to see the landscape itself was amazing. Everything was unique and had it’s own “personality.” We started talking about particular scenes that occurred here and what it could have been like during filming. As a film major in college, this was very exciting for me [although I’ll admit, I internalized a lot while we were there].

Our Next Stop…

Near Storm’s End; The Stormlands
In Other Words: Larrybane, Ballintoy, North Antrim

Okay. I’ll admit it. We found this particular site by complete accident. We were on our way to a different site when we realized the parking lot was the setting for Renly’s camp when Brienne of Tarth was introduced into the series. As we were walking up from the parking lot is when we realized there was a plaque for the show. It was a happy accident to find this particular location.

Our Next Stop…


I’ll admit. This is not a Game of Thrones site. But it was a pretty cool rope bridge that we hiked to. We didn’t want to pay the fee to cross the bridge, so instead, we walked to the side of the cliff to see the bridge from afar.

Our Next Stop…

Near Storm’s End; The Stormlands
In Other Words: Cushendun Caves, Glens of Antrim

This was the site my group was absolutely determined to find. The site is where Davos Seaworth smuggles Melisandre ashore to a cove near Renly Baratheon’s camp. This was where she gave birth to the shadow creature that killed him. Although that wasn’t one of my go-to sites like the rest of the group, it was pretty interesting to find the cave. We even found chalk marks in the cave where people had gone rock climbing [sadly, none of us brought our shoes or mats].

Our Final Stop [for the day]…

Braavos Canal
In Other Words: Carnlough

This site was particularly cool because it was where Arya crawled out of the canal after getting stabbed. For me, anything regarding the Starks will always be a favorite.

I am sad we were never able to make it to the Winterfell locations, but we ran out of time and had to maximize our time in Northern Ireland, as it was coming to an end. That night we returned to our Airbnb for one more night before moving on to the Dark Hedges.

Which is for another day…

Up Next:

The Dark Hedges
Bushmill’s Distillery 

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