The Child Dreamer Before the Dead Dreamer

img_1341A Child 2de82be3af6461d90d8c041c646313a6
Thrown away
Kissed by Fate
Saved by the blessed
Hatred seeded into his heart
Incapable of love
A motherless son
Blessed with a new mother
Attempting to change Fate
But it was too late
And now the Fade must fall
Fall into chaos
Until her birth
200 years later

Want to understand the story of George Walker? Follow along with his story, The Child Dreamer. And don’t forget to read the tidbits that have been released along the way. So when Brenna’s journey begins in 2019, you’ll be ready for the fight to the death. A second time.


The Scars of the Child Dreamer
The Father
The Child
The Blacksmith
The Blacksmith’s Wife
The Medicine Man
The Spirit Walker
The Mysterious Spirits
The Priest
The Silent Watcher
The Other Child

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