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Welcome to my first attempt at #BoostMyBio!

My name is Sarah, but my godkids call me Sassy [because with all this sarcasm, how could they not?]

I’m nervous but very excited to be entering this year’s Pitch Wars with my New Adult Contemporary Fiction book.

Dead Dreamer:
To Dream is to Die


Brenna’s life was turned upside down the day she died. Now she must live every day teetering between the dead and the living. And now her life could be turned upside down again when someone threatens to reveal her secret.

Eighteen-year-old Brenna Whit is entering Nephesburg College as a freshman. She’s img_0049hoping to meet new people, yet she hides a dark secret: because of an accident three years ago, her spirit wanders the Fade—a spiritual plane containing more than just spirits—whenever she falls asleep. According to a fellow spirit, that makes her a Dead Dreamer. It’s something she wants to keep hidden from others, but when she sees someone watching her in spirit form, she fears her secret is out.

img_0783While in the Fade, there are doorways that lead to the Otherworld. Only during certain nights will they open, allowing demons and fairies into the Fade. She doesn’t pay them much attention, until she discovers a seal on a demon doorway. Through her own investigation, she realizes there is an organization hiding in plain sight on her campus, working to disrupt the peace within the Fade, believing they are sealing away biblical demons. Brenna begins to realize the damage they’ve done and fights in secret to destroy the seals and their work, without being discovered.

Brenna soon learns her enemies aren’t only the humans damaging the Fade. She img_4172-1discovers her worst enemy, is herself. Cursed as a Dead Dreamer, Brenna is unique in that her soul has split from her spirit somehow. After being trapped within herself, she realizes her soul has created her own persona and named herself Maura. And Maura’s only goal is to torture Brenna and die once again so she would be free.

Not only will Brenna need to hide who she truly is to her school, she’ll need to survive her own homicidal soul who only wants a final death.

This story has been a part of my life for over a decade and the lore has gotten so expansive that I have been able to write a prequel series called The Child Dreamer that leads into the Dead Dreamer lore and main story. I want readers to engross themselves into Brenna’s world and take a deeper look into hides behind the veil of the Fade.

Similar Titles:

Kelley Armstrong’s The Darkest Powers series – Julliet Marillier’s Shadowfell – Maggie Stiefvater’s The Raven Boys series

Why I’m Submitting:

By submitting, I’m hoping to find a literary agent who would be willing to take me on as a client with the Dead Dreamer series. I have been working on the series for the last ten years and have developed a coming-of-age story with elements from pre-medieval Celtic mythology. The story follows Brenna’s journey through a contemporary fantasy of spirits and conspiracy as she searches to find out who she really is.

About Me:

18424081_10154368730652187_7575329451828670509_n.jpgI’m Sarah [Code Name: Sassy]. Self proclaimed gym rat, book addict, and whiskey lover.

By day, I work as a Technical Writer/Editor and by night…I play video games. Okay, I’ll be honest. I write, and THEN I play video games. When I’m not writing or gaming, you can usually find me on the floor, burrowed under a blanket with a cat in my lap, and a research book in my hand. Other than writing, research is my second passion and its how I’ve been able to expand the lore of Dead Dreamer to what it is today.


I can usually be found spending time on my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, interacting with my readers and other writers [and a friend here and there…probably].


My debut novel, TO DREAM IS TO DIE, will be published in January of 2019. And I am currently working editing books 2 & 3 of the Dead Dreamer series, while writing book 4. I am also currently publishing a prequel series called The Child Dreamer and posting chapters for my Angels novella every other Saturday to my blog and Wattpad account.

This past year has been amazing with everyone I have met through my social media accounts and the improvements I’ve made to the Dead Dreamer series, along with my other work. I discovered how awesome the writing community truly is and how supportive everyone is. It was something I had never seen before from people I had never met. And I am so grateful to have all of them in my daily life now. I hope I help them and can cheer them up the way they do for me.

Fun Fact:


I have a raven tattoo on my left shoulder blade with the symbol of the Morrigan behind it to represent all of the hard work I had put into my writing. After using my series to earn my defend my thesis and earn my graduate degree, I practically ran to get that tattoo.
And recently, I found a great tattoo artist to tattoo Fiach Dubh in runes on the back of my neck. What does it mean, you ask? Black Raven of course!

If you haven’t guessed…ravens are pretty important to my series [psst…so are runes].

Thank you for your time and consideration! 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on Twitter if you want to chat! I’m usually always around and willing to chat! If I don’t answer right away, I’m either working, drowning in research/writing, or asleep [I’m an old lady who goes to bed early]! I look forward to meeting and chatting with more of you and hope we can all encourage one another!

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