Virginia is a state filled with history laced within its grounds. It’s practically boiling with spiritual energy around every corner. I should know. My house is haunted, and I’ve lived in practically every corner of VA.

The image above was taken by a tree cam my dad had put up. The camera is still there and we check it every week for deer activity. Although I have no other physical proof, I know that’s one of them. It was the first time we had caught a glimpse of them on camera. When the image appeared throughout the search, I didn’t feel fear or curiosity. Because in my gut, I knew who it was. Or at least, the energy felt familiar.

The spirits who haunt Brenna’s home are the same who haunt my own. The only difference is that I’ve given them names and distinct personalities. And one day, you’ll know who they are. And so will Brenna. But for now, they’ll continue to be an enigma.

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