To Romance…Or Not

[Disclaimer: When I’m talking about love, I mean a romantic love. Not friends or family]

Before I began writing Dead Dreamer all those years ago, I remember walking through Borders Bookstore and trying to find something to read in the young adult section. As I searched for the next book to read, a thought crossed my mind. Why are most young adult books focused on the romance of the main character?

Don’t get me wrong. I love young adult novels and binge read them all the time. Sometimes specifically for the romance. But it was hard for me to find a story where the main character faced obstacles without the drama or help of a significant other. Back then, I had never known what love was. To be in love with someone was foreign to me. So why couldn’t there be stories following someone who had never known love as well?

img_0052This was when I made a decision. It was a risky decision, but it is one that I’ve stood firm on for years. My main character, Brenna Whit, won’t be in love. At least, she won’t be in love right now. This is a four book series, so I make no promises. But for right now, Brenna is on her own.

She is a strong, independent woman who won’t take crap from anyone. Even with some men hitting on her on occasion, she’s focused on her own life and not willing to be distracted. But she’s still human and will make mistakes like anyone else. That’s college. Most people don’t meet their true love their freshman year. Some never meet them. But that kind of thing takes time.

Besides, having to deal with the dead on a daily basis also serves as a valid distraction.


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