Imagination Bug

For the last two years, my main focus has been wrapped around work, gym, and rock climbing.  Not to mention the emotional roller coaster [my last two posts will shed light there].  But recently, I closed the door on unnecessary drama, and opened the door to a new career opportunity.  It was terrifying, but exciting at the same time.

During these last two years, it had been difficult for me to find inspiration to write and improve my books further.  But something happened these last two weeks.  Before Thanksgiving, I dropped the drama, and returned to work right after, fresh.  While sitting at my desk, I was working through spreadsheets, while my mind wandered on different scenarios for my characters.  My head even wandered into the research behind the lore in the Dead Dreamer series.

I began to write down some of my ideas, just to keep track.  Then suddenly, I was hit with a freight train.  Plot lines, and connections exploded in my mind.  My hands began to shake as I wrote, and my handwriting became illegible because I couldn’t write the ideas down fast enough.


Needless to say, it’s been two days of this inspiration.  It’s lasted so long, even my dreams have  been wrapped up in all of this.  I was able to continue the fourth and final book of the Dead Dreamer series and even began planning out a new book after.


I haven’t been this excited while writing in years.  It goes to show that you shouldn’t let drama in your life.  Because for me, all it did was suppress my imagination and hinder my writing.  I’ll admit, it gave me life experience which can only help my writing.  But still, no drama is better. 🙂

I will also admit, I’m writing this blog rather quickly because I need to leave for work in two minutes and I’m still pretty jazzed about the ideas in my head.  So some of this might be disorganized.  But it’s okay.  Because I know it.  And I’m telling you.

Have a nice day everyone!


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