Trip to America’s Stonehenge – Spring Break

This Spring Break has been the craziest!  Last weekend, one of my best friends (shoutout Chas!), took me with him to his job in Sterling to meet his co-workers.  I offically applied for a position there, but I think meeting a few people before hand helped a lot.  This job would put my communication degree to some use.  And if I get the job, I’d be able to work remotely from home which is amazing.  Cross your fingers!

Basically, my trip to Washington DC was great and very productive!  Thanks for letting me stay with you Chas and Twigs!  Y’all rock!



As for this weekend, Kaylee and I were able to travel to Boston, Massachusetts!


On Friday, we flew up in the late afternoon and arrived right around 5 o’clock traffic.  I thought Richmond traffic was bad…Boston scared the crap out of us!  But before we could leave the city, we needed to visit the restaurant that inspired the hit television show 11061974_10152637966972187_8781585330741218570_n“Cheers.”  Somehow, we were able to get a table and enjoy some of their delicious food and beer.  It was a small and loud place, but worth it!

Afterwards, we made it out of the city to our hotel.  The room was very nice, but the bed was hard as a rock!  Neither of us slept well that weekend.  I can’t wait to pass out tonight.  So much sleep!! ZzZz

Finally Saturday came and we were able to make the trip to Salem, New Hampshire for America’s Stonehenge.  Luckily, the hotel I chose was between Boston and the site.  So the drive wasn’t bad.  One big problem, it was raining all day!  To make things worse, there was snow everywhere! So, it was obvious that we would probably be the only visitors that day.

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When we first arrived, a woman (I’m assuming one of the owners) greeted us and took us into a small theater room to watch a short introduction.  It was pretty cool but you could tell the video was from the 80s.  I flashed back to elementary school!  But Kaylee and I trudged through the snow and walked around the area.  I fell in snow so many times, Kaylee couldn’t stop laughing.  We weren’t able to walk around the entire sight, but we did make it to the main site and the north stone.  It was really cool!

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While walking around the site, I kept imagining where my characters would walk and how they would react.  Poor Kaylee had to focus on taking good photos while I was daydreaming practically the entire time.  My mind was racing in so many different directions, causing me to fall foot deep into snow many times.

I’ve noticed that there are many writers who can write a setting without ever going there.  I admire them greatly for that talent, because I cannot.  I prefer to travel and research anything that could improve my stories.  This trip will not only improve my thesis, but my book series altogether!

The site itself is really cool on its own, and I’d recommend anyone to check it out!  Just choose to go in the summer…winter time…not easy to walk around.  We weren’t able to go all over thanks to the snow…Damn snow.  But what we saw was enough for my research.  I hope that I’ll be able to come back one day in the future with my entire book series completed and published!  Yet another dream to add to my list 🙂

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