Progress! Thank you headphones!


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Anyone else remember this episode of Spongebob?  After dealing with the issues of my focus this past week, I now relate to that episode (that I haven’t seen in years haha).  When sitting down to write for a few hours a day, you expect to make at least a dent in the material, only ending up with maybe a couple pages at max.  That was my problem last week.  But I may have found a temporary solution!

No I didn’t turn my wifi off.  I live off Pandora, so I couldn’t do that!  My addiction to the internet is just too strong to ignore.  Anyway, not the point!  

While digging through a couple of drawers in my desk, I discovered a pair of my headphones.  Usually, I have them scattered all over the house, but with my living in two cities at the moment (Thank you Grad school), they seemed to have disappeared.  Either way, a thought occurred to me.  Whenever I was at school, I always put my headphones in around campus so I could focus on what I was doing.  You would think I would have figured out a long time ago that the same logic works everywhere else!  Idiot writer right here folks.  I am shamed by my idiocy sometimes.  I swear…

Well, you can be sure I popped those babies in and turned Pandora on full blast (Lindsey Stirling Channel is the best. That chick helps me write!).  Suddenly my fingers were flying!  Before I knew it, I had written almost one hundred pages in only a couple of days!  Granted I’ll have to go back and fix many of the typos I’m sure I left behind.  But that’s normal.  The fact that the story was finally unfolding in my head made me want to jump with glee!  Anyone who knows me, knows I wouldn’t do that…ever.   But I sure wanted to!  Since I won’t physically show my joy, I decided to post it hear.

Now if only I could write the letter T as beautifully as Spongebob did…

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