TikTok Made Me Do It

Well –
I’ve thought about
Struggled with it
Drank about it
And now I’ve done it
I officially have a Patreon Account:

Sarah Lampkin – Author Patreon Account

After doing a TikTok live today in preparation for the release of TO REAP THE SPIRIT (Dead Dreamer Book #3), I learned that many of my followers want to get their hands on some signed swag and/or books! COVID ruined any chance of going to conferences to meet readers and offer signed books. And COVID also hit me personally, so it’s more difficult for me to get copies of books I can mail out, signed for contests and such. So, I thought, why not open a Patreon and offer it as a Tier reward. Not to mention I could even open up contests within!

This is all new to me and I’m still figuring it out, but it’s worth a shot! Check it out today!

Ah and I forgot. I created a Discord Server to add to the fun of the Patreon and Dead Dreamer world within the Tiers!

Join the Ghosties and let’s talk Paranormal!

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