Angels: Moon and Sun – Chapter Four

Angels: Moon and Sun
Chapter Four

The room was dark when Hekate first opened her eyes. The darkness began to fade into spots before disappearing to reveal a ceiling fan that wasn’t familiar to her at first. Voices on the other side of the room caused her to stiffen, afraid of where she had been taken.

“But why her? Why did you put all of this on one person?”

“She was chosen. There is nothing more than that. It is something she has to do.”

The familiar voices caused Hekate to relax before she started to sit up. Marcia and Moro were on the other side of the room. “What happened?”

Marcia glanced over to see Hekate standing up. She moved from her computer chair to the edge of the bed where Hekate had been sleeping. “After you destroyed the demon, Moro and I brought you back to my house. I called your mom and said we were having a sleepover.”

“Thanks,” she mumbled, moving to rub the fog from her head.

“You’re not going to ask about the talking wolf or wings?” she asked with a grin.

Hekate rolled her eyes. “Considering you were talking when I woke up, I think Moro has filled you in on the details.”

“She did,” Marcia glanced back at the white wolf sitting in the corner of the room.

Moro stood up and walked to our side of the room. She leaped onto the bed to lay behind Hekate, supporting her back, “I felt it should be your decision on whether or not your friend remembers the events from earlier today.”

Hekate turned her head, eyebrows furrowed. “I have that choice?”

Marcia reached forward to punch her arm. “No. You definitely do not have that choice.”

“All right. All right. I get it,” Hekate said, rubbing the now sore spot on her arm.

“I was asking Moro why you were chosen for this dangerous mission, all on your own before you woke up.”

Moro lifted her eyes towards Marcia, “She is not alone.”

Marcia held her hands up, “No offense meant. But you said it yourself. Unless she talks to you directly or calls you, you’re basically in dormant mode. That fight could have ended very differently if she didn’t shoot that weird light out of her hand to grab its heart.”

Hekate feigned offense, “I think I fared pretty well, thank you!”

“You get my point.”

“I guess. I’m not even sure what made me think to do that,” Hekate said as she tried to remember the fight.

“Someone decided to help you,” Moro said.

Hekate readjusted to sit next to Marcia, and face Moro, “Who? How?”

Moro was silent for a minute, her eyes glazed over. Finally, she began, “Selene’s sister stepped in to help you use your offensive powers. Selene would prefer you to use your sword, while Diana would rather you use your power.”

Marcia lifted her hand in confusion, “But who is she? Saying she’s someone’s sister doesn’t really help.”

“Ah, you are right.” Moro adjusted to sit on her haunches to be at eye level with us, ” Diana was created at the same time as Selene, after the Fall. However, while Selene guards the Gates to the Four Horsemen, Diana guards the Gates to Eden.

Diana happened to be observing the battle and realized you needed assistance, so she intervened.”

Marcia narrowed her eyes, “You’ve done this before. What’s the longest someone has survived doing this task for you?”

Moro hesitated, but answered honestly, “A year. Two at most.”

The hair on the back of her neck began to stand as a cold sensation traveled through her entire body. Moro glanced at her, noticing when Hekate’s body shook with nerves.

Marcia held her hand up, “That is not happening.”

“And that’s not your choice,” Hekate said softly.

The reality of the situation began to sink in. The only reason she had survived that battle was because of Diana. Had she made any wrong move, not only would she be dead, but Marcia would have been killed as well. She needed to take a deep breath and accept the fact that mistakes weren’t acceptable with this. Each time she tried, her breath would catch. And each time, she would internally curse.

Marcia wasn’t having it, “Yes it is. It is my choice to help you.”

Moro was speechless.

I glared at her, “What are you talking about?”

“Think about it. You said the longest someone has lived was only a year. So, if she’s not fighting alone, her chances of survival increases. Right? Which means, two of us would be more effective.”

Moro and Hekate only looked at each other, astonished. Marcia was clearly proud of her plan. When we didn’t answer, she believed she had won, “Then its settled! Go find me a spirit animal.”

Moro shook her head, breaking a trance, “What you say is a possibility. But do you realize what you’re asking? Your fate will be tied to hers.

Marcia didn’t flinch, “I don’t care. I’m not letting her get killed before she’s even graduated high school.”

Feeling Marcia’s determination, she nodded, “Very well. We should take our leave.”

Hekate began to follow them off the bed, but the room began to spin. Moro jumped to push her back down, “You’re not coming. You need to rest.”

Marica pointed towards the clock, “It’s past eleven. Mom won’t check on us this late. You go ahead and get some sleep. I’ll be back tomorrow and we can go to the mall to celebrate with Erik.”

She sighed in defeat, “Of course you would.”

Winking, Marcia reached down to hold Moro’s fur, “Hey, you bailed, so I rescheduled. I’d say that’s fair.”

Marcia had barely finished the sentence before the two of them vanished. They were headed towards the Gates of Eden. It sounded pleasant compared to Hekate’s experience at her Gates. She wondered if Marcia would have to experience the pain of the wings as well. It wasn’t a fond memory.

The next morning, Hekate woke up in Marcia’s bed with no sign of Marcia. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes before looking at her surroundings. Her dresser had been disturbed with the bottom drawer opened.

She’s in the shower.

Hekate was beginning to get used to Moro suddenly talking to her in her head. She worried if that were a bad thing, “How did it go?

It went well.

“The wings?” Hekate asked.

Same as you.

She winced at the memory.

Marcia walked into her bedroom with wet curly hair, wrapped in a towel, “How’re you feeling?”

“I think the better question is, how are you feeling?”

She shrugged, “It wasn’t too bad. But we weren’t able to complete the process.”

Eyebrows furrowed, Hekate leaned forward, “What do you mean? Moro said it went well.”

Marcia groaned in frustration as she began to run her fingers through her black curls, “Believe it or not, Diana was busy. Weird for an angel to be busy, right? Selene was there to greet us, but she said she couldn’t stay long.”

“And?” She was beginning to get impatient.

“She gave me the wings, but the rest of it will have to come later. In their defense, we did decide it last minute.”

I will take her back another time.

Her head tilted to the side before she straightened up to get out of bed, “Better than nothing I guess.”

Marcia moved towards her closet as she started to change, “Get up. I want to meet up with Erik as soon as possible.”

“You’re ridiculous,” Hekate chuckled.

When they arrived at the mall, the night before was practically forgotten. Marcia was still messing with her hair when we walked into the food court. Hekate reached to pull her hand out of her hair. “You look fine! Leave it be! I don’t know why you’re freaking out so much. It’s not like we don’t see him all the time.”

“Excuse me for being nervous,” she said while sticking her tongue out.

Hekate sighed, “We’re just meeting him to hang out. And I’m here, so it’s not like there is pressure for you guys to be together. Though why you aren’t, is still a mystery to me.”

“Speaking of that,” Marcia began, “Would you mind it be just the two of us at first? I’ll text you when we’re done talking.”

“Are you serious?” Hekate asked, slightly frustrated.

Marcia smiled at her sheepishly, “I’m sorry, but I think we might be able to have that talk now.”

Hekate’s mind wandered to the night before and scoffed. “Right. Give a girl wings and all of a sudden, she gets all cocky.”

When they arrived at the mall, Hekate didn’t hesitate to separate herself from Marcia. She was still slightly annoyed at being dragged out, only to be kicked to the curb. Hekate decided to make her way towards the bookstore. That was the one place she didn’t mind hanging out for hours. Who knew how long the conversation between those two would last anyway?

It seems rude.

“It was,” Hekate grunted, low enough for no one to hear.

Moro was silent when Hekate walked into the bookstore. She spent half an hour flipping through books, curious to see if she could find any mention of Selene or Diana. But the only information she could find came from Roman/Greek mythology. Though the stories were interesting, they weren’t what she was looking for.

Suddenly, a loud beeping sound, along with screams erupted outside of the bookstore. Hekate quickly shoved the Greek mythology book back into the bookcase before running to see what the commotion was about. Running towards her was a man in a gray hoodie. In his arms was a bag of what she assumed was stolen goods. Behind him, people were yelling to stop him, while also yelling at her get out of the way.

Letting her instincts kick in, Hekate held her ground. She waited until he was just close enough before sticking her arm into the air. He had no time to change direction before his neck ran into her arm, causing him to nearly flip as he fell. Disoriented, he jerked his head up, attempting to see what had stopped him. “What!”

Adrenaline flowed through Hekate as she stood her ground, waiting to see what the man would do next. To her surprise, he smiled. Something clicked behind her, and before she knew it someone had grabbed the back of her neck while settling something hard and cold on her back.

“It seems like you’ve chosen a new toy, ” the man whispered into her ear.

Hekate tilted her head towards the hand now holding her. “I’m no one’s toy.”

The man on the ground began to pick up his bag and the old books that had spilled out of it. He looked up at the one standing behind Hekate. “I’m getting out of here.”

The gun that had been pressed into Hekate back suddenly disappeared before shots were fired into the air. The crowd that had been forming around them screamed and suddenly backed away. Security guards screamed at the man with the gun to release the girl and put the gun down. He glanced back at the thief. “Go.”

He refocused his attention on Hekate and leaned close to her ear again. She could barely hear him over the ringing he had caused with his shooting. “Moro always did like her toys young. She thinks that means you’ll live longer. But it doesn’t matter how old they are. They all die the same way. Or worse.”

“Worse?” she whispered.

The thief had disappeared into the crowd now that the security and the police were more concerned with the man holding a gun. He waved it around at them for show, using Hekate as a shield as he spoke to her. “Death would be a gift to grant you. Why would we want to give you a gift, when you could be useful to us instead?”

Glancing around, Hekate realized Marcia and Erik had run over to see what was going on. Erik was holding Marcia back as she tried to reach her friend. This time Hekate really evaluated the situation. There were innocent bystanders all around them, three policemen, and two security guards. One of the policemen was attempting to talk the man down, but all Hekate could hear was the ringing in her ears.

Hekate had had enough. She could feel her anger beginning to build. Looking back at Marcia, she tilted her head towards the side. Marcia calmed down, immediately realizing what Hekate was messaging. Her hand reached for Erik’s as she pulled him out of range of the gun. If Hekate made a mistake, she didn’t want her friends to pay for it.

“I guess you’re right,” she whispered, grabbing his attention again, “Dying would be a blessing compared to what you could do to me. A gunshot to the head would be a gift.”

He grinned, pulling her closer. “Are you begging now? I could grant you your blessing if you begged for it.”

She shook her head. “No. But I’m a better prize then them. So why not just take me out of here, leaving the humans alone?”

“Where’s the fun in that?” he scoffed.

The man leaned his arm forward. He raised his gun. The policemen raised theirs. Taking the only chance she’d probably have, Hekate reacted. Harassing the energy she had been steadily building, she reached for the hand with the gun. With one hand, she pressed as much energy as she could into him, while the other jerked the gun up, towards the ceiling.

Three things happened. Hekate leaped out of the way. The man screamed, attempting to aim the gun again. And the police opened fire. When everything fell silent, so did he. The mark on his arm blackened as if he had suffered a massive burn. Hekate was on the ground, close enough to where he had fallen to watch the life leave him. But before it was gone, he reached towards her, grabbing her arm.

“Death is only a gift. I should know,” he whispered.

Suddenly, Hekate felt it. This wasn’t a demon. The man, now dead, in front of her was human. Something else had possessed him. When the human died, she felt the energy of something else escape, something massive.

The policeman grabbed her by the arms to hoist her up. “Miss, are you all right?”

Although their hands were meant to be comforting, she could only flinch from their touch. She backed away from the dead man, unable to take her eyes from him. Barely able to speak, she muttered only two words. “I’m fine.”

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